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Our Federation has long received requests for interviews with Child Survivors (including Hidden Children and Kind ertransport Children). Holocaust education, the creation of Speakers’ Bureaus, and the telling of our stories, are part of our reason for being as an organization.  We are able to have students and other interested parties contact and interview Child Survivors directly. The segments of stories you are reading on this page are only part of the larger stories but they give you an idea of who this Child Survivor is. At this stage, for reasons of privacy, the identity of the survivor is anonymous, only known by the first name of the survivor.

If you wish to contact the survivor in person, please email us with some information about yourself, who you are, where you come from, the purpose of the interview, how it will be used, etc.


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  1. Sorry, but not available to help you, since we do not do this type of work.

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