Goldie S.

Goldie survived the Auschwitz camp.

Some questions and answers:

#1 How long did you stay in Auschwitz?

Five and 1/2 months. Went in with my mother and 2 sisters, was 13 1/2 years old when war ended.

#2 What was your daily schelude? Did it vary from day to day?

Because I was so young and my mother was weak and older, we both stayed in our baracks a lot, while my 2 sisters went out to do forced labor. We lived in constant terror that Dr. Mengele would come into the barracks and do a “selection” that is choose people to be killed or choose people for his “experiments”. Which he did do eventually (see #4).

#3 Did you ever go back to Auschwitz after the war had ended?

Yes, my father and my sister went back to Poland to visit my home village, and we visited Auschwitz. I was ok but my sister became overwhelmed with grief and had several breakdown during the visit.

#4 Is there one very strong or important memory you have about your experiance in Auschwitz? >>

The strongest memory is where Dr. Mengele selected a large group of us to be killed in the gas chambers. We were all pushed into what you might call “waiting area” when suddenly the Nazies guard told us to go bak to the barracks. The Russias were right outside Auscwitz.

The Gemans took us on a “death march’ to Bergen Belsen, another concentration camp. Many people died along the road of were killed when they could not keep up.

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