Warsaw 2011, Righteous Among The Nations Award Ceremony

Since 1963 a special commission of Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Martyrs’ and Heroes’ Remembrance Authority in Jerusalem, headed by the Israel’s Supreme Court, has been awarding Righteous Among the Nations medals and certificates of honour (Chasid umot ha-Olam). This decoration pays tribute to the Heroes who were putting their lives in danger in order to rescue their Jewish friends, neighbours, acquaintances, sometimes perfect strangers, all of them doomed to extermination.

Persons recognized as Righteous are awarded a specially minted medal bearing their name and a certificate of honour. The names and surnames of Righteous are also engraved on stone plates in the Garden of the Righteous in Jerusalem. The planting olive trees for the Heroes has ceased few years ago for there is no area left.

The Righteous Poles recognized at this ceremony were Janina Bereska, Adolf Brauner, Jadwig and Adam Chorazkiewicz, Maria Kazuczyk and Marianna Kazuczyk, Józefa and Wilhelm Maj, Katarzyna and Jan Swietlikowski, and Agnieszka Troszka.

To read the full program, please click her: Righteous Amont The Nations Program, Warsaw 2011


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