2014 Berlin Conference News

Berlin Conference 2014 Huge Success.

Over 375 attend, Child Survivors, 2G, 3G, entire families, from 16 countries.

Below is link to article by Dr. Charles Silow, 2G from Detroit

on the 2014 Berlin Conference


Charley’s article appeared in the Detroit Jewish News. Charley has also written about his visit to the Lodz Commemoration, after our Berlin Conference. Thank you Charley.

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Below is our own brief evaluation of Berlin 2014.

The Berlin 2014 conference has been a great success. We had great speakers, on timely subjects, our usual important workshops, for Child Survivor, for 2G and 3G, lead by dedicated professionals, and important panels discussing issues of the day.

The hotel was beautiful, staff extremely helpful, attentive, and good food.

We are in process of getting speeches from the conference and photos as well. So please  stay tuned.

Special thanks to our team in Berlin, who did so much with so few.

Our next conference is Houston, Texas, in 2015. Details to come.

We welcome all articles, photos, comments….please send us your views of the Berlin conference, and photos…. 

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