Holocaust survivors honored by UK Queen in New Year’s Honours List

A total of 31 people have been included in the UK New Year’s Honours List for their contribution to Holocaust Education, among them many Holocaust survivors, BBC reported on Friday. The honorees are going to be bestowed with their award by Queen Elizabeth or another member of the royal family.

As explained on the Royal family’s official website, honors are conferred “on deserving people from all walks of life, in public recognition of their merit, service or bravery,” twice a year, ahead of the New Year and on the Queen’s official birthday.

According to the Jewish Chronicle of London, the list includes several survivors who arrived to Britain as children thanks to the Kindertransport, a program that saved several thousand Jewish children from Nazi Germany and other Nazi occupied countries. They were named as: Ruth Barnett, Leslie Brent, Maria Beate Green, Ingrid Wuga, Marc Schatzberger, and Susie Barnett.

Other survivors, including some who immigrated to Britain later in life after going through Nazi camps, include Manfred Goldberg, Dorit Oliver-Wolff, John Hajdu, Henry Schahter, husband and wife Peter and Marianne Summerfield, Simon Winston and Uri Winterstein.

“Hearing from a Holocaust survivor has a far-reaching impact. Often referred to as the most memorable lesson of the year, our survivors inspire thousands upon thousands,” a spokesperson for the British charity Holocaust Education Trust told the JC.


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