Born in a concentration camp: The Holocaust’s youngest survivors Their mothers gave birth amid the most extreme adversity imaginable. They are among the only ones left able to bear witness to the horrors of the Nazi genocide

PARIS, France (AFP) — Holocaust survivor Florence Schulmann has always worried that if she went into schools to recount her experience, it would sound almost fantastical: “I’d be too scared that they wouldn’t believe me.” It is the first time that the retired French shopkeeper, now living in Paris’s 11th district, has shared her story under her real name.

“My mother brought me into the world next to a heap of bodies,” she says. AFP spoke to her and two other Holocaust survivors who share the same, seldom discussed experience: they were born in Nazi concentration camps. Unlike Schulmann, Hana Berger Moran has no apprehensions about visiting schools to tell her story. A gentle-natured, yet dynamic woman, whose plum-colored glasses dominate her face, Berger Moran now lives in the Californian town of Orinda after a career working in the quality department of a cutting-edge biotechnology company.

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