Helen Epstein: Drawing on the Past to Meet the Crises of the Present

Helen Epstein, author of the groundbreaking Children of the Holocaust speaks with the WF 4.10.2022.  The topic is  “Drawing on the past to meet the crises of our present.” She  speaks about how her parents’ experiences during the Holocaust were role models for her as she faced Covid-19 and cancer and discusses how similar coping skills help us as we face current crises: Ukraine, censorship, rising antisemitism. After Helen’s 25 minute talk, participants broke out into small groups for discussions.

Helen Epstein, a 2g, is the author of the groundbreaking book Children of the Holocaust. She continued to delve into her mother’s life and the long lasting effects on the next generations in Where She Came From: A Daughter’s Search for Her Mother’s History and The Long Half-Lives of Love and Trauma. Her most recent book is Getting Through It: My Year of Cancer during Covid, out in May 2022. A former professor at New York University, Helen speaks internationally, and was scheduled to be a keynote speaker at the postponed 2020 World Federation conference. You can find Helen’s work at Plunkett Lake Press

To watch the 20 minute video, click here

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