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Gerda Weissmann Klein, Holocaust survivor who became author, humanitarian and subject of Oscar-winning film, dies at 97

Posted on April 20, 2022

(JTA) – With Allied forces swiftly approaching during the liberation of the concentration camps, Nazis barricaded Gerda Weissmann Klein and other Jewish survivors inside a barn, planting a time bomb outside. A sudden rainstorm disconnected the bomb’s wiring, and American forces found the barn and unlocked the door.  Weissmann Klein told the first rescuer she Continue Reading »

They were prisoners in the Holocaust together. They just reunited. They met at a Nazi forced labor camp 80 years ago and never knew what became of the other

Posted on April 20, 2022

The last time Jack Waksal saw Sam Ron was in 1943, at the peak of World War II. They shoveled coal, side by side, at a forced labor camp in Pionki, Poland. Over the past eight decades, Waksal wondered if his friend and fellow Jewish prisoner survived the war. On March 20, he finally got Continue Reading »

This Amsterdam neighborhood was once inhabited by Jews. None are left to celebrate its centennial.

Posted on April 20, 2022

Outside 58 Weidestraat in Amsterdam’s Betondorp district, two brass stones lie set into the sidewalk. Known by the Dutch as stolpersteine, or “stumbling stones,” the square plaques are engraved with the names of Jews who moved to this neighborhood upon its creation after the First World War and were deported during the Second. Herman Richard Bonn Continue Reading »

On Poland-Ukraine Border, the Past Is Always Present. It’s Not Always Predictive.

Posted on April 14, 2022

For a Jewish reporter with Eastern European roots, one of the hardest challenges covering the war is reconciling the horrors of the Holocaust with the Poland and Ukraine of today. LUBLIN, Poland — On a recent morning, I sat in the sun-filled dining room of a tidy house in eastern Poland, across from one of Continue Reading »

Andor Stern, recognized as the only Brazilian-born Holocaust survivor, dies at 94

Posted on April 12, 2022

RIO DE JANEIRO (JTA) — Andor Stern, who is recognized by the Brazilian Holocaust Memorial as the only Brazilian-born Holocaust survivor, died in Sao Paulo on Thursday at 94. Stern was born in Sao Paulo to Hungarian Jewish parents in 1928 but his family moved back to Hungary before the war. Stern was eventually imprisoned Continue Reading »

Ken Burns’ next documentary is about the US response to the Holocaust

Posted on April 12, 2022

(JTA) — For his next historical deep dive, famed documentary filmmaker Ken Burns is exploring America’s relationship to the Holocaust. Tentatively titled “The U.S. and the Holocaust,” the three-part miniseries set to air Sept. 18-20 on PBS is co-directed and co-produced by Burns and his longtime collaborators Lynn Novick and Sarah Botstein. Burns’ production company Continue Reading »

Canada set to outlaw Holocaust denial

Posted on April 12, 2022

(JTA) — Canada is set to outlaw Holocaust denial, a move that has the backing of the governing Liberal Party government coalition and the opposition Conservative Party. The CTV reported on Saturday that language adding Holocaust denial to the criminal code is in the must-pass government budget.

Ukrainian Holocaust Survivors Escape to Germany for Safety

Posted on April 4, 2022

When the bombs started falling on Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv, last month, Tatyana Zhuravliova had a horrible deja vu: the 83-year-old Ukrainian Jew felt the same panic she suffered as a little girl when the Nazis were flying air attacks on her hometown of Odessa.   “My whole body was shaking, and those fears crept up Continue Reading »

A Ukrainian director’s documentary about Babyn Yar massacre of Jews lands in an unanticipated context

Posted on April 4, 2022

(JTA) – Is now the right moment to examine the ways Ukrainians collaborated with the Nazis during the Holocaust?  More than a month after Russian President Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine and started a war that the west has universally condemned, the past has continued to find ways to enter the present. Holocaust memorials were purportedly damaged by Continue Reading »

Ukraine says a memorial to Jews murdered during the Holocaust was damaged by Russian shelling

Posted on April 4, 2022

(JTA) — A memorial to Jews murdered during the Holocaust near Kharkiv was damaged by Russian shelling Saturday, according to Ukraine’s government. Photos from the site showed the memorial’s 9-foot-tall menorah with damaged branches. The memorial is a visual echo of one at Babyn Yar, the site of a massacre of Jews near Kyiv, that Continue Reading »

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