May 032016

US – France Agreement on Compensation

Date: May 3, 2016

The State Department has sent us the following information about the U.S.-France Agreement on Compensation for Certain Victims of Holocaust-Related Deportation from France Who Are Not Covered by French Programs.  They encourage claimants to submit applications by the May 31 deadline.  

Application and additional information can be found here:



Jun 032015

Following are links to important articles that, because of space limitations, could not be included in our latest newsletter Mishpocha! The articles deal with topics discussed at our Berlin 2014 Conference or are personal descriptions of the conference.


A critique of Holocaust education in Germany, by Anna Rosmus. In this article Ms. Rosmus tells the story of Flora Altbair, Holocaust survivor but one of many “countless missing links” who might have been lost to history. Click on Flora Anna Rosmus


Report from Berlin Conference by Kindertransport 2G, Anita Grosz. Click on  Anita Grosz


The day following our Berlin 2014 Conference, the World Federation organized an important meeting with the Claims Conference and German officials. The goal was reparations for our “Lost Childhoods”. Following the meeting, a German newspaper “Die Welt” published the following article, here translated by the Berlin Child Survivors Group. Click on They Survived the Holocaust


Correction: below incorrectly attributes the Child Survivor panel articles Dr. Krell submitted  – to the Claims Conference Symposium.

Below is a copy of Dr. Krell’s speech given at the Claims Conference Symposium, August 27th, 2014.

Symposium_ Berlin_Dr_Robert_Krell_August_27_2014

Below is Dr. Robert Krell evaluation of World Federation presentations, not Claims Conference, during the Berlin Conference 2014. Apologies for the erroneous title:

Claims Conference PresentationsMishpocha submission February 2015 – Berlin – Robert Krell

MLB__140826_5339_Mel Boas




Sep 242014

Dear Friends,

The September edition of the WFNU includes information about the successful Berlin conference.  We also announce the 2015 host city will be Houston TX.  There is update information about the Claims Conference, and a Resolution by the Wold Federation on Anti-Semitism, intended for media distribution.

Click here to read: WFNU Sept 2014


Jun 212011

The World Jewish Restitution Organization (WJRO) acknowledges the significant step taken today with the passage of legislation by the Lithuanian Seimas (Parliament) which provides for limited compensation for communal and religious property owned by the Jewish community of Lithuania before the Holocaust.

The law offers a small measure of justice and material compensation for those whose lives and communities were destroyed in the Holocaust.  In addition, some funds will be available in 2012 to assist needy, elderly Lithuanian survivors of Nazi persecution with medical and welfare needs.  Douglas Davidson, the U.S. State Department’s Special Envoy for Holocaust Issues, remarked that “these complicated discussions, involving Lithuania and the WJRO, led to an important step being taken which addresses the historical record.  I very much hope that this will serve as an impetus for other governments to act appropriately.”

Source: World Jewish Restitution Organization.
Read the rest here: WJRO: Lithuania Property Law Is a Measure of Justice.