Mar 262015

Jewish Child Survivors, Lost Childhood

A new website from the Claims Conference, German Office. <>

You can contact them to share your story. There is an exhibition to be shown in Frankfurt at the ZWST conference and in London at the conference of the Kindertransport children.

Claims Conference, Office for Germany
Sophienstraße 26  –  D -60487 Frankfurt am Main
Tel.: +49-69-970708-32  Fax: +49-69-970708-99
e-mail: <>

web: <>

  2 Responses to “New website and exhibit on Lost Childhood”

  1. I am surprised that the CC office for Germany finds time to organise exhibitions while I am still waiting for a confirmation from them that my request for the Lost childhood remuneration of € 2500,- from April 2015 (!) – stay in Bergen Belsen 1944 – with all relevant documents attached has been received. My application has not been answered in any written form, not even by an acknowledgement of receipt. On phone I was told that after more than a year there are still matters to be checked. When calling the New York office in May 2016 I was given (by phone only) a claim number (6519076). I wonder when Frankfurt will find time to deal with my application.

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