Nov 202015

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IHRA Honorary Chairman Statement | IHRA

IHRA Honorary Chairman Statement

“We share a commitment to throw light on the still obscured shadows of the Holocaust.”

— Declaration of the Stockholm International Forum on the Holocaust


IHRA Honorary Chairman, Professor Yehuda Bauer, has issued the following statement: “The current refugee crisis, which has led to a tremendous number of refugees arriving in Europe, will undoubtedly affect the work of IHRA.

IHRA deals with preserving the memory of the Holocaust as well as with its academic and educational impact for the current situation.

As the IHRA Working Group and Committee Chairs said in their statement of 9 September, the present refugee crisis is notably different from the persecution of the Jews and other victims before, during, and after the Holocaust. Historical analogies should be avoided; they are never useful, although there are some parallels between the treatment of refugees then and now. The world has to realize that failing to adequately address mass migration has, in the past, created the conditions for untold disaster. From the Holocaust, the world can understand, what happens when these problems are not internationally addressed.

Therefore, I join the IHRA Working Group and Committee Chairs in their call to the governments of IHRA member countries to cooperate and remain committed to the principles of the Stockholm Declaration of 2000, which include the fight against xenophobia. I also call on the wider political world to do everything in its power to act to alleviate the suffering of the victims and at the same time to seek a sustainable and coordinated international solution to the crises which have led so many refugees to seek asylum in Europe.”

Professor Yehuda Bauer
IHRA Honorary Chairman
17 September 2015

Oct 242015

Houston, Texas 2015 Conference a Great Success!

World Federation of Jewish Child Survivors of the Holocaust and Descendants and  Generations of the Shoah International (GSI), with Houston Holocaust Museum – 2015 Joint Conference

Houston Texas, USA, October 9-12, 2015.

The feedback has been very positive. Speakers, workshops, panels, entertainment, all excellent. Were you there? If yes, send us your opinion of the conference, send us your photos. We need them for our Mishpocha! Newsletter. Thank you!

Comments and/or questions welcomed, email:

Feb 202015

Dear Friends,
Please find below the EJC statement following the terror attack in Copenhagen for your information.
Kind regards,
The EJC Team


EJC: Europe Must Move from Defense to Offense and Prevent Future Attacks

(Brussels, Sunday, February 15, 2015) – European Jewish Congress President Dr. Moshe Kantor, has urged European authorities to go on the offensive against radical Islamists, if they are to stand any chances of beating back the terrorist wave spreading across Europe.

“Last night’s terrorist attack on a synagogue in Denmark demonstrates that defensive measures to protect the public, and the Jewish community in particular, are not enough,” Dr. Kantor said. “The authorities must change the paradigm and take the battle to the radical Islamist enclaves, prevent the next attack and bring the terrorists and their supporters to task.”

“Islamic terrorists are targeting Jews specifically in their homes, markets, places of business and houses of worship.  Unless serious action is taken to prevent these attacks every Jew in Europe is at risk. To win this war on terror and anti-Semitism, European authorities must immediately establish a pan-European task force with legal authority and significant budgetary resources dedicated to stopping this threat. Intelligence gathering, surveillance and protection must be amassed and shared by all nations and terrorists needs to be hunted down before they act. Now is the time for all EU member states to act swiftly and effectively.”

“The wave of anti-Semitism which is sweeping the continent is becoming more and more violent and endangers Jewish existence. The threats against Jews and the inability of governments to defend them are forcing Jews out of Europe,” Dr. Kantor said. “It is clear that Jews continue to be the main target of these attacks. While others are attacked for what they do, Jews are continuously attacked for who they are. It is a slow and deliberate religious massacre and it is killing Jewish communities by the death of a thousand cuts.”

Yesterday, a gunman sprayed bullets into a cafe, where Swedish artist Lars Vilks, who has been threatened over his 2007 caricatures of the Muslim Prophet Muhammad, was attending a free-speech meeting. One man was killed in the cafe attack and three police officers were wounded. Danish police said the gunmen fired at least 40 rounds through the windows of the cafe with an automatic weapon. Another shooting occurred outside the city’s main synagogue just after midnight on Sunday. A man was shot in the head in the second attack, and later died, and two officers were wounded.

European Jewish Congress (EJC)

Tel : +3225408159 <tel:%2B3225408159>

Fax : +3225408169 <tel:%2B3225408169>

Web : <>

Jan 032015

“Lost Childhood” Survivor Fund

(From Jewish Family Service, Detroit, Michigan, USA, January 2, 2015)

The basic guidelines are as follows:

• The fund is available beginning January 1, 2015 with no deadline for submitting applications at this time.
• The compensation is a one-time payment of 2,500 Euros.
• A survivor must have been born after January 1, 1928. This is a firm deadline, meaning no exceptions for those born prior to this date.
• The survivor must have been in a camp, ghetto, in hiding or living under false identity, or have been a fetus whose mother lived in a camp, ghetto, in hiding or under false identity.
• Flight cases, including those from the Kindertransport, are not eligible.
• There is no previous compensation restriction, meaning if you are receiving or have received some other compensation it does not preclude you from applying for compensation through the Child Survivor Fund.
• This is not a financially based fund. A survivor’s income and assets are not part of the qualifications for this fund.
• The claimant must be alive to apply. Spouses or heirs of deceased survivors cannot apply.
• There is no fee to apply.

What is happening now?

• The week of 12/29 (this week), Claims Conference is sending out personalized applications to those in their database receiving ongoing compensation (Article 2). We don’t know what the application looks like. It could be a simple, one page form. For those receiving ongoing compensation, they will be asked to sign and date this application and return it to the Claims Conference.
• Following that, or simultaneously, they will be sending applications to others in their database who have received a one-time payment (Hardship Fund, Slave Labor). This group will be asked to sign the application and have it notarized before returning it to the Claims Conference.
• For those who do not receive a form in the mail, there will be blank applications available on the Claims Conference website around mid-January. We will have these at JFS or they can be found on the Claims Conference website,

How is Jewish Family Service helping?

• JFS care managers can help with notarizing forms and assisting claimants with completing applications.
• For those who are able to come into JFS offices, care managers at JFS are setting aside specific days and times beginning the middle of January to be available to either notarize forms, for those who require certification before returning their form, or to complete applications for those who did not receive one from the Claims Conference. The schedule has not yet been finalized but should be available by January 12th at the latest.
• If a survivor is currently working with a JFS care manager, they can contact their care manager beginning the week of January 12th. If the dates/times their care manager has available does not work for them, they can opt to work with another care manager (for this application only) who may be available at a more convenient time.
• If someone is not working with JFS at this time, they should contact local JFS after January 12th.
• JFS care managers will arrange home visits as required. It may take several weeks to accommodate a home visit.

Jan 012015

Berlin Conference 2014 Huge Success.

Over 375 attend, Child Survivors, 2G, 3G, entire families, from 16 countries.

Below is link to article by Dr. Charles Silow, 2G from Detroit

on the 2014 Berlin Conference

Charley’s article appeared in the Detroit Jewish News. Charley has also written about his visit to the Lodz Commemoration, after our Berlin Conference. Thank you Charley.

* * * * * * *

Below is our own brief evaluation of Berlin 2014.

The Berlin 2014 conference has been a great success. We had great speakers, on timely subjects, our usual important workshops, for Child Survivor, for 2G and 3G, lead by dedicated professionals, and important panels discussing issues of the day.

The hotel was beautiful, staff extremely helpful, attentive, and good food.

We are in process of getting speeches from the conference and photos as well. So please  stay tuned.

Special thanks to our team in Berlin, who did so much with so few.

Our next conference is Houston, Texas, in 2015. Details to come.

any questions please email

We welcome all articles, photos, comments….please send us your views of the Berlin conference, and photos…. 

Oct 082014
…. cry during the day and dance at night…(to view more photos from Berlin, click on photo at right, also click on photos to enlarge to full screen – photos by Melissa Traub, Charles Silow, Uri Ophir, Rene Lichtman, Mel Boas.)

more excellent Berlin photos from Mel Boas; click on below to see and order photos. Out

To see our past Las Vegas Program Book, click on below:

Program book 2013 FINALrevisedwith Daisy on 10-19-13

Group dance 066


dancing group 116









DSC_0379museumTable2G table 746




dancing after dinner

dancing after dinner



Melita Svob family, Croatia

dancers 367

Jack and Miriam Gun 347



US Embasador Emerson

Sep 262014

70 th Commemoration of the Liquidation

of the Litzmannstadt (Lodz) Ghetto

Below is link to article by Dr. Charles Silow, 2G from Detroit

on Charley’s visit to his family home in Lodz, Poland.

Also photos by Dr. Charles Silow.

Dr. Silow and a large number of others from all over the world attended this Commemoration in Lodz. See photos click here


IMG_5912IMG_5933 Matzevah for Chil Parzenczeski in Lodz Jewish Cemetery



Charley Silow praying at the grave of his grandfather, Lodz cemetery.
Left. Charley at the home of his family from Lodz. At right, the tomstone he had made for his family members.

Sep 242014

Dear Friends,

The September edition of the WFNU includes information about the successful Berlin conference.  We also announce the 2015 host city will be Houston TX.  There is update information about the Claims Conference, and a Resolution by the Wold Federation on Anti-Semitism, intended for media distribution.

Click here to read: WFNU Sept 2014


Apr 252018
Palm Tree Featured Image

Registration for the 2018 Conference in West Palm Beach is now open. The conference will be held at the West Palm Beach Marriott Hotel. Friday, November 9 through Monday, November 12, 2018. The conference begins with a welcome Shabbat dinner Friday evening and will conclude just before lunchtime on Monday.

Click Here for more information on how to register.

We are once again looking forward to a special family reunion.
Dec 202017

Thank you, everyone, for attending our 2017 conference in the DAN Jerusalem hotel. With an attendance of many hundreds, we are proud to call this conference a great success.

In total, we welcomed around 370 participants:

  • 125 Survivors
  • 150 Second generation
  • 35 Third Generation
  • 20 Kinder transport
  • 40 spouses and non specified participants

Of the 370 participants, approximately 125 of them were Israeli’s, most of them 2nd generation.

Some of the highlights of the conference:

  • Prof. Yehuda Bauer, who reflected on the lessons to be learned from the holocaust, as well as the topic of how the holocaust will be remembered in the 21st century: How we can educate the world around us? (Unfortunately, there is no transcript of this speech available.)
  • Amb. Collette Avital gave a clear look and overview of the positive changes the State of Israel has implemented for the Survivors of the Holocaust in Israel.
  • Exec. Vice president of the Claims Conference Greg Schneider informed the audience about the important role that the Claims Conference is playing in the Survivor Community worldwide.
  • Rabbi Benny Lau reflected on the past and expressed his hope for the future that the Shoah will still be remembered by future generations.
  • Chairman of the Knesset, Yuri Edelstein made an appearance by video in order to greet everyone.
  • The visit to the Knesset, which occurred during the last afternoon, was a worthwhile part of this conference for many of our participants.
  • For others, the pinnacle of the event was to finally have the opportunity to celebrate his/her Bar/Batmitsva at the KOTEL. (This part of the event was covered in detail by the Clevland Jewish News.)

The closing of the conference began with an international 2G panel discussion about how to promote Holocaust Education and Remembrance in our homelands. After which, one of the 2G participants sang the Ghetto Fighters Song.

“This conference has become sort of a family reunion, a bond of friendship and community for people of like and common bonds,” said survivor Fred Ferber of Orchard Lake.

“The conference location in Israel was important, and we agreed with our dad that it was a good idea for my brother and me to become more involved with this organization,” said Jeff Kahan. The family owns a Troy-based company.

“This conference was extra special, being that it was held in Israel,” said Sandra Silver of Southfield. She’s attended five conferences. “I was able to visit family members, some of whom I haven’t seen in 20 years.” The daughter of survivors, Silver belongs to the second generation — referred to as 2Gs. They were 154 strong at the conference, while 3Gs numbered 36. Silver is active with CHAIM, a Metro Detroit-based second-generation organization. Founding President Dr. Charles Silow of Huntington Woods, a psychologist, also directs Jewish Senior Life’s Program for Holocaust Survivors and Families in West Bloomfield. At the conference, Silow led a panel of 2Gs from Israel, Mexico, Sweden and Croatia, and another session on the effects of aging on survivors.

Excerpts copied, with permission, from “Survivors Gathering” by Esther Allweiss Ingber, a 2G and a reporter from Detroit who attended the conference. Click here to see the original article from The Detroit Jewish News. A more detailed write-up from Clevland Jewish News about the Bnai Mitzvah at the Kotel can be found here.
Pictures from the Jerusalem Conference are available here: WFJCSHD Jerusalem Conference – Google Photos. If anyone would like to reach out to Melissa Taub (the photographer), her email is

Jun 112016

Excellent, brief summary of a complex history during and after the Shoah in Poland, and the current situation. Note we have many very active Child Survivors in Poland, and now 2G and 3G who are finding their Jewish roots.

Click on link below:

May 032016

US – France Agreement on Compensation

Date: May 3, 2016

The State Department has sent us the following information about the U.S.-France Agreement on Compensation for Certain Victims of Holocaust-Related Deportation from France Who Are Not Covered by French Programs.  They encourage claimants to submit applications by the May 31 deadline.  

Application and additional information can be found here:



Dec 082015

When “the last witnesses” are gone, the last survivors and child survivors are gone….  who will bear witness in the museums, who will speak to the visitors and to the students, who will go into the schools, who will do the personal interviews for school projects… who will remind the world what occurred so long ago, yet for survivors a few minutes ago, yesterday…

These are some of the questions being asked, sometimes just in silent thoughts, or  now more often in speeches or in writing, as below…

Nov 042015

DSC_0149Michael Berenbaum speaks on “Holocaust Memory” – how is the Holocaust remembered when all witnesses are gone, the responsibilities of Descendants, to tell the stories.

Diplomats from Germany, Holland, France, Denmark, speak on anti-Semitism.

European Counsels speak on anti-Semitism in Germany, France, Norway, Neterlands.




Michael Beranbaum and friend Gerda Seiffer

Professor Berenbaum with old friend Gerda Seiffer, from Los Angeles, USA. You can read Gerda’s story in many locations.