Apr 032017

We are once again looking forward to a special family reunion and a return to our ancient homeland. The 2017 Annual Conference will be in Jerusalem, Israel, November 5-8. Please join us!

We are using a new online system this year that will allow you to register, donate, and pay online. Click here for information on how to register.

If you would instead like to register by mail, the 2017 Registration Form is available here.

  6 Responses to “Israel Conference Registration and Donations”

  1. I am very interested in attending. Please forward registration information.

  2. This is not a registration! I am Eva Paddock, a Kindertransport ‘child’ sent England on one of the Winton Trains 1939. Together with Marianne Kronenberg I was the coordinator for the Boston 2009 Conference.

    I would like to get in touch with the 2017 Program Planner about a film which I think would be an outstanding addition to any Film Program you might be planning. It is currently doing the Jewish Film Festival circuit to great acclaim her in the US and will be shown in London later this year.

    Would you be please be good enough to forward my message to whoever is in charge of programming?

    Eva Paddock. ejpaddock@comcast.net.

    I am known to Sefani and other people on the Board. I am on the Board of the Boston Group with Isaac Kot and good friend of his.


    Eva PaddockE

  3. Hi
    I live in Israel and am interested in signing up for the convention/ Could you please send me a program.
    Thank you
    Marilyn Kramer

  4. What does the conference activities entail? What times? Is there ability to meet before and/or after the activities? How much different is it from the conference we attended about half a dozen years ago in Cleveland, Ohio? How hard is it to get a roommate? How many people are coming and what age group, backgrounds? I have registered through my parent in America who sent the check in the mail last week, do I need to have this received before I make the Dan HOtel reservation?

  5. hello,
    can i offer an article to the conference?
    or is it too late?
    i am a second generation survivor, leaving in israel.
    ilana shalit

  6. Hi
    I would like to participate at this years conference and could do this either by presenting a paper, facilitating a breakout group or something along those lines..I have written also to the contact on the website
    Hope to hear back

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