Nov 172016

If you attended LA conference, please let us know what you thought.

We look forward to seeing you at our next conference, we think in Israel!

  3 Responses to “Los Angeles Conference 2016, A big success, details, photos to come…”

  1. Hi
    I attended the recent LA conference all the way from London because I felt it to be an opportunity I could not miss. I have no regret in having done so but do have some comments regarding the content and process of the event. I speak from both my personal second generation self and my professional self, a psycotherapist very involved in trauma work.

    Clearly, there is a massive need for these events and it is probably impossible to meet everyones needs but I would like to suggest the following things.
    Not surprisingly, the numbers of 2G people out wiegh other groups and with this in mind it is important to organise enough resources. We had chaos on the first evening because of this and the feeling of pressure continued in the groups due to numbers. I did offer one of the facilitators my help to set up another group to try and reduce the pressure but this was declined.
    I also think it would be useful to have a presentation from a 2G person as a way of unifying and identifying some of the themes we share in common. I would very much like to contribute to next years event in some useful capacity.

    Does any one know when and where this will be held?
    Many Thanks
    Best Wishes Maya Jacobs-Wallfisch

  2. Hope you did attend…

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