Jan 152014

Once again we must say goodbye… until next time… HOUSTON, TEXAS, 2015

We miss our dear friend “the fat lady” as she called herself, who always closed our conferences, dear Sofia Shulman, from Poland/New York.

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Jan 152014

The entire Las Vegas community was invited to attend our joint Kristallnacht program, co-hosted by ourselves and the local Jewish Federation.

Candles were lit in a moving cermony and Dr. Berenbaum spoke.

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Jan 152014

Many excellent speakers presented at our plenaries and on panels.

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Jan 152014

Generations of the Shoah International worked hard to bring out 2G’s and 3G’s.

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Jan 152014

There were many very animated discussions… “two Jews, three opinions…” so when you have over 400 Jews, by the end of our conference we have many opinions.

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