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For too long the stories about Jewish Rescuers and Jewish Resistance Fighters have been ignored. With these stories, we wish to reclaim their memories and their courage. From 1990-2010, The WF actively collected these stories. Now, we keep what we have gathered online so that others can learn and continue to move this critical work of bringing hidden histories forward.

JRJ Committee News

  • How the Jews of the Caucasus Used an Epidemic to Trick the Nazis
    During the Nazi occupation, Muslims aided efforts to hide the origins of the local Jews, preventing the extinction of a community. In July of 1942, the German Wehrmacht began occupying territories in the northern Caucasus. Although this occupation lasted only a few months, the Jewish communities of the area were severely impacted. In villages such ...
  • The Signing of the Righteous Gentiles Fund agreement between the Claims Conference and the German government in Berlin
    “I deeply appreciate that I am in this program. I am grateful and I believe this makes my life longer,” remarked Stanislawa, a Righteous Gentile from Poland. An agreement for the Righteous Gentiles Fund was signed between the Claims Conference and the German government at the Foreign Office in Berlin. In 1963, the Claims Conference created the ...
  • Recognizing Jewish Rescuers of Jews During the Holocaust
    Memorial institutions are finally working to redress an imbalance in the numbers of Jews versus non-Jews hailed for their heroism in defense of victims of the Shoah Oeuvre de secours aux enfants (OSE), the Jewish children’s welfare organization, was founded in Russia in 1912 by a group of young doctors committed to offering sanitary protection and health benefits ...
  • Richard Schifter, Holocaust survivor who later served as a US diplomat, dies at 97
    (JTA) – Richard Schifter, a Holocaust survivor who served as an American diplomat, has died at the age of 97. Schifter was the American representative to the U.N. Commission on Human Rights and deputy representative to the U.N. Security Council. He later headed the American Jewish International Relations Institute and the Center for Democracy and Reconciliation ...
  • Rabbi Schneur Zalman Schneerson
    This is the story of an orthodox Jewish rescuer in the south of France who managed to save more than one hundred children during the worst time of persecution – after the German occupation of Vichy France. This rabbi from the Chabad movement was not about to give up his religious principles, his adherence to ...
  • Jewish Rescuers Panel Presentation: George Mandel-Mantello
    George Mandel-Mantello Judith Cohen, USHMM Thank you for allowing me to address you.  I would like to talk today about a remarkable man and the rescue effort he led – the Romanian/Hungarian Jewish businessman Gyorgy Mandl, aka George Mandel-Mantello. The main parts of the story have been known for sometime, largely owing to David Kranzler’s important work ...
  • Paula Kaufmann and Berrie Asscher
    Two stories of young Jewish rescuers who operated in the Dutch Westerwheel underground group which included Jews and non-Jews. To read the full presentation, please click here to download the PDF.
  • Professor Yehuda Bauer, “Jews Rescued Jews”
    Presented at the Israel 2007 Conference. Click here to listen now: Click here to download Professor Yehuda Bauer’s Speech Click here to read the PDF transcript.

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