Jewish Records Indexing — Poland

For information on Jewish genealogical and records research in Poland, how to access documents, find family members, etc.. please see Jewish Records Indexing – Poland.

Holocaust survivors may be unaware that a remarkable number of Jewish records of Poland have survived the upheavals of history and the ravages of war. Jewish Records Indexing – Poland (JRI-Poland) has created indices to more than 4 million Jewish birth, marriage and death records from current and former territories of Poland that are housed in Poland today.

Indices to vital records more than 100-years old are available on the JRI-Poland online database: Finding aids to another 600,000 records, less than 100-years old, are also available but are not online in order to comply with privacy issues of Polish law. They can be searched by special arrangements with JRI-Poland and are treated sensitively on a case-bycase humanitarian basis

To read more, click here: Jewish Records Indexing–Poland

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