Child Survivors Deutschland 

Most of our members have been in Germany at least several decades, spread all over the country. Therefore our bi-annual meetings in Petershagen (near Hannover) are important, where we enjoy fine support from a local group.  In 2019 we brought with us two Jewish music bands whose public performance was very welcome in Petershagen.  A “hit” in 2018 was Rabbi Rothschild, a rather a philosophical clown with a fine Jewish-British sense of humour. 

We plan to forward data in 2020/2021 as time witnesses to the national Jewish Archive.  Many of us are ill and weak, nevertheless, we are eager to submit our experiences, and fight against antisemitism.  So we are alert and present in public, see  In 2017-2019, we published 9 books in German as time witnesses, and recently one in English providing our role, limitations and fears, our hopes, chances and successes in German society.

In May 2020, our honorary president Horst Selbiger, will have a public performance together with president of Jewish Council Josef Schuster, in Wuerzburg.  Our group is getting older:  Unfortunately, we have no 2Gs or 3G’s  in our association.  We deplore our losses.  We recognize that we have more friends than enemies, and so we are as happy, as a child survivor might attain.

Best wishes

Philipp Sonntag

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