Hope and Confidence by Philipp Sonntag, Berlin, Germany

Dear Global Child Survivors,
For years, so many child survivors in Germany had been lonely, alone at home,
desperate about politics, already before the Corona attack came!
Our members are longing today for our next bi-annual
meeting, as planned for May, but unfortunately, it will probably be
postponed.  What can our Board do?
The good, old telephone is a fine tool.  I called a dozen of our members and
most are resilient!  Perhaps because Corona is neutral, even nature, and
it will vanish for good.  Corona has no anti-Semitic evil purpose!
The medieval pestilence (black death) made many victims feel desperate
because for some, it seemed “evidence,” that god was punishing them as sinners.
Instead, yes we can – we can achieve to cheer up one another – and angels will sing.Best wishes and confidence for all!!
Much Love,
Philipp in Berlin

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