News from Zagreb, Croatia: Earthquake and the Coronovirus, by Melita Svob

Dear All,

Thank you all for your concerns about the recent devastating earthquake that occurred here in Zagreb on March 22, 2020.

We wanted to join you on the recent World Federation zoom conference call but we have been having technical problems here in Eastern Europe and unfortunately could not do so. 

But we have our WEB and WEB blog to stay connected with each other.

I’m sending photographs of Zagreb after the earthquake.

It is important to know that the recent catastrophic earthquake and the Coronovirus crises have been a double disaster for our small Croatian Jewish community.

Our community has not received any help from anyone; no one is even asking if they can assist us.  There is total “chaos” with regard to getting any help for those people who have lost their homes.  The city’s destruction remains the same as it was after the devastating earthquake.

With regard to the Coronovirus, however, because of a good epidemiology in Croatia, there has been some easing of social restrictions.  People can now leave their homes, go to stores, even to the hairdresser, but under very strict conditions.

We will have elections in July and many of this new bettering is connected to politics.   Also we are now opening our borders for tourism, however, this can be dangerous too bringing in new possible infections.

Thank you for your understanding and your love.  It is important that we stay in touch with one another.

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Many regards and good wishes,



  Photo 1 – Jewish Community Center in Zagreb

  Photo 2 – Hospital destroyed and mothers with newborn babies needing to be evacuated

  Photo 3 – Fallen chimney on the street

  Photo 4  – All schools are closed and pupils are learning online

  Photo 5 – Many damaged automobiles

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