Warsaw ghetto. Eighty years ago, the gates slammed. They locked up hundreds of thousands of people in a small piece of Warsaw

On Saturday, November 16, 1940, the Germans closed the Warsaw ghetto. In the area of ​​307 ha in the center of the city, they initially imprisoned over 350,000 people. Jews. But they took their freedom step by step from the beginning of the occupation. “The morning of November 16 was a great shock for everyone. It turned out that the ghetto outlets were densely guarded by the gendarmes, we were closed for good. The gendarmes not only prevented passers-by, but also brutally chased people employed after the so-called on the Aryan side, shop and factory owners. The interventions of the [Jewish] Community were unsuccessful. All Jewish businesses on the Aryan side were sealed and confiscated. 



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