St Louis Conference 2022: The US Holocaust Memorial Museum and the USC Shoah Foundation


Preserving Holocaust History Through Artifacts and Research. Experts from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum will present on how they continue rescuing the evidence of the Holocaust and acquiring materials amid the pandemic, including conducting oral history interviews, and about the meticulous research offered to all. SPEAKERS: James Gilmore, Oral History Curator, Curatorial Acquisitions and Reference, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum; Jude C. Richter, Research and Reference Specialist, Holocaust Survivors and Victims Resource Center, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

USC Shoah Foundation: Keeping Survivor Stories Alive Through Testimony and Technology. In this session you will learn about the organization that Steven Spielberg founded almost 30 years ago to record and preserve the testimonies of Holocaust survivors. You will also experience USC Shoah Foundation’s Dimensions in Testimony, featured on 60 Minutes, that integrates advanced filming techniques, specialized display technologies and next generation natural language processing to create an interactive biography that will allow conversational interactions with survivors far into the future. SPEAKER: Amy Marczewski Carnes, Acting Chief of Staff at USC Shoah Foundation. Moderator: Esther Finder.

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