Jun 112016

Excellent, brief summary of a complex history during and after the Shoah in Poland, and the current situation. Note we have many very active Child Survivors in Poland, and now 2G and 3G who are finding their Jewish roots.

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Jan 082012

New important article by Professor Joanna Michlic titled:

“Remembering to Remember,” “Remembering to Benefit,” “Remembering to Forget”: The Variety of Memories of Jews and the Holocaust in Postcommunist Poland

This interpretive essay considers the representations of Jews and the Holocaust in postcommunist Poland from 2002, the year when the public debate about the Jedwabne massacre of 10 July 1941 ended, until the present. The almost constant preoccupation with all things Jewish and the Holocaust in the realm of national discourse about “who we are” and “who we wish to be,” makes Polish society stand out among the postcommunist countries. This situation has prompted some individuals in Poland involved in the memory work to claim that the country is a unique state in Europe with regard to the “recovery” and commemoration of the Jewish past; “Poland has been one of the few countries in Europe-perhaps the only one-to confront its own past systematically.”

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