Dec 202017

Thank you, everyone, for attending our 2017 conference in the DAN Jerusalem hotel. With an attendance of many hundreds, we are proud to call this conference a great success.

In total, we welcomed around 370 participants:

  • 125 Survivors
  • 150 Second generation
  • 35 Third Generation
  • 20 Kinder transport
  • 40 spouses and non specified participants

Of the 370 participants, approximately 125 of them were Israeli’s, most of them 2nd generation.

Some of the highlights of the conference:

  • Prof. Yehuda Bauer, who reflected on the lessons to be learned from the holocaust, as well as the topic of how the holocaust will be remembered in the 21st century: How we can educate the world around us? (Unfortunately, there is no transcript of this speech available.)
  • Amb. Collette Avital gave a clear look and overview of the positive changes the State of Israel has implemented for the Survivors of the Holocaust in Israel.
  • Exec. Vice president of the Claims Conference Greg Schneider informed the audience about the important role that the Claims Conference is playing in the Survivor Community worldwide.
  • Rabbi Benny Lau reflected on the past and expressed his hope for the future that the Shoah will still be remembered by future generations.
  • Chairman of the Knesset, Yuri Edelstein made an appearance by video in order to greet everyone.
  • The visit to the Knesset, which occurred during the last afternoon, was a worthwhile part of this conference for many of our participants.
  • For others, the pinnacle of the event was to finally have the opportunity to celebrate his/her Bar/Batmitsva at the KOTEL. (This part of the event was covered in detail by the Clevland Jewish News.)

The closing of the conference began with an international 2G panel discussion about how to promote Holocaust Education and Remembrance in our homelands. After which, one of the 2G participants sang the Ghetto Fighters Song.

“This conference has become sort of a family reunion, a bond of friendship and community for people of like and common bonds,” said survivor Fred Ferber of Orchard Lake.

“The conference location in Israel was important, and we agreed with our dad that it was a good idea for my brother and me to become more involved with this organization,” said Jeff Kahan. The family owns a Troy-based company.

“This conference was extra special, being that it was held in Israel,” said Sandra Silver of Southfield. She’s attended five conferences. “I was able to visit family members, some of whom I haven’t seen in 20 years.” The daughter of survivors, Silver belongs to the second generation — referred to as 2Gs. They were 154 strong at the conference, while 3Gs numbered 36. Silver is active with CHAIM, a Metro Detroit-based second-generation organization. Founding President Dr. Charles Silow of Huntington Woods, a psychologist, also directs Jewish Senior Life’s Program for Holocaust Survivors and Families in West Bloomfield. At the conference, Silow led a panel of 2Gs from Israel, Mexico, Sweden and Croatia, and another session on the effects of aging on survivors.

Excerpts copied, with permission, from “Survivors Gathering” by Esther Allweiss Ingber, a 2G and a reporter from Detroit who attended the conference. Click here to see the original article from The Detroit Jewish News. A more detailed write-up from Clevland Jewish News about the Bnai Mitzvah at the Kotel can be found here.
Pictures from the Jerusalem Conference are available here: WFJCSHD Jerusalem Conference – Google Photos. If anyone would like to reach out to Melissa Taub (the photographer), her email is

Jun 032015

Following are links to important articles that, because of space limitations, could not be included in our latest newsletter Mishpocha! The articles deal with topics discussed at our Berlin 2014 Conference or are personal descriptions of the conference.


A critique of Holocaust education in Germany, by Anna Rosmus. In this article Ms. Rosmus tells the story of Flora Altbair, Holocaust survivor but one of many “countless missing links” who might have been lost to history. Click on Flora Anna Rosmus


Report from Berlin Conference by Kindertransport 2G, Anita Grosz. Click on  Anita Grosz


The day following our Berlin 2014 Conference, the World Federation organized an important meeting with the Claims Conference and German officials. The goal was reparations for our “Lost Childhoods”. Following the meeting, a German newspaper “Die Welt” published the following article, here translated by the Berlin Child Survivors Group. Click on They Survived the Holocaust


Correction: below incorrectly attributes the Child Survivor panel articles Dr. Krell submitted  – to the Claims Conference Symposium.

Below is a copy of Dr. Krell’s speech given at the Claims Conference Symposium, August 27th, 2014.

Symposium_ Berlin_Dr_Robert_Krell_August_27_2014

Below is Dr. Robert Krell evaluation of World Federation presentations, not Claims Conference, during the Berlin Conference 2014. Apologies for the erroneous title:

Claims Conference PresentationsMishpocha submission February 2015 – Berlin – Robert Krell

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Oct 082014
…. cry during the day and dance at night…(to view more photos from Berlin, click on photo at right, also click on photos to enlarge to full screen – photos by Melissa Traub, Charles Silow, Uri Ophir, Rene Lichtman, Mel Boas.)

more excellent Berlin photos from Mel Boas; click on below to see and order photos. Out

To see our past Las Vegas Program Book, click on below:

Program book 2013 FINALrevisedwith Daisy on 10-19-13

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dancing after dinner

dancing after dinner



Melita Svob family, Croatia

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Jack and Miriam Gun 347



US Embasador Emerson

Sep 242014

Dear Friends,

The September edition of the WFNU includes information about the successful Berlin conference.  We also announce the 2015 host city will be Houston TX.  There is update information about the Claims Conference, and a Resolution by the Wold Federation on Anti-Semitism, intended for media distribution.

Click here to read: WFNU Sept 2014


Jan 152014

Once again we must say goodbye… until next time… HOUSTON, TEXAS, 2015

We miss our dear friend “the fat lady” as she called herself, who always closed our conferences, dear Sofia Shulman, from Poland/New York.

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Jan 152014

The entire Las Vegas community was invited to attend our joint Kristallnacht program, co-hosted by ourselves and the local Jewish Federation.

Candles were lit in a moving cermony and Dr. Berenbaum spoke.

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Jan 152014

Many excellent speakers presented at our plenaries and on panels.

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Jan 152014

Generations of the Shoah International worked hard to bring out 2G’s and 3G’s.

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Jan 152014

There were many very animated discussions… “two Jews, three opinions…” so when you have over 400 Jews, by the end of our conference we have many opinions.

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